Maximizing Impact and ROI: Our Partnership Philosophy at European Conferences United

At European Conferences United, our focus is on selecting partners who add value to our attendees and make a significant impact in the industry.

We have three criteria for selecting partners:

  • Adding clear value to attendees
  • Demonstrating a sincere willingness to make a significant financial commitment to actively support our events
  • Showing the capability to attain a clear return on their strategic involvement

We firmly believe in collaborating with partners who are dedicated to realizing a concrete Return on Investment (ROI) through well-defined objectives and the allocation of necessary resources. Mere creation and presentation of high-quality content are insufficient. Thus, our partnerships are exclusively with those who align with our vision, sharing a commitment to driving real industry impact and achieving a tangible ROI tied to the financial investment made in supporting our events.

Partners like to join our events for two main reasons: they get to show off their brand to a big and interested audience, and they can find new sales opportunities. By teaming up with our conferences, partners can make their brand well-known to the right people, which helps them make more sales in the short and long term. Moreover, partners can strategically utilize various approaches, both during the event and afterward in follow-up interactions with attendees, to identify potential customers and bolster their sales figures.

We believe that when evaluating partnership opportunities, companies should prioritize clear goals rather than focusing solely on the amount of money invested. To reach these goals, we recommend that partnering companies follow our steps, which include defining the purpose of collaborating with the conference (what they aim to achieve), assessing the relevance of the target audience (whether the right people are present at the event), setting specific and measurable objectives (such as the number of leads to be generated and desired business conversions), allocating necessary resources, and monitoring and assessing their progress towards these goals during and after the conference. By doing so, partners can make well-informed decisions about the worthiness of their investment and their ability to attain desired outcomes.

Therefore, we believe that partners should review the attendee list of the conference and assess their potential interest in the products or solutions offered. By understanding the target audience and their needs, partners can tailor their approach and maximize the impact of their partnership, ultimately achieving their goals and making the most of their investment.

In addition to reviewing the attendee list, we also recommend that partners carefully review the conference program and ensure that their tools and solutions make logical sense in the context of the conference. This will help partners to identify opportunities to showcase their products or services and engage with attendees in a way that is relevant and valuable to them. By aligning their offerings with the conference program, partners can create a more seamless and effective experience for both themselves and attendees, ultimately increasing the likelihood of achieving their goals and realizing a clear ROI.

In summary:
Our aim is concrete, meaningful outcomes for all. We partner with those who share our vision and seek real returns from their event investments. Our focus is on transforming ideas into action post-event, effectively making a tangible difference in the industry, as attendees benefit from fresh ideas and industry progress.

We emphasize action over mere talk, believing it's crucial to consider more than just the investment aspect when evaluating partnerships. Companies should align with events that match their objectives, encompassing both monetary and time investments. This approach guarantees a substantial and clear return on their investment in events, simultaneously contributing to a significant industry transformation.