Empowering Retail Together: Be a Part of the Poland & CEE Retail Summit Success Story!

Casper Haring


At European Conferences United, we believe that the Retail Summit 2025 is not just an event, but the start of a transformative journey that supports positive change in the retail and CPG industries. For over a decade, our goal has been to bring together the brightest minds in the industry and support the improvement of their businesses through collaboration, innovation, and advancement.

Erika Kuleshova

Program & Speaker Manager

 To achieve this goal, we are constantly looking for original and innovative ways to enhance the conference experience such as inviting solution providers to propose content and speakers through our Solutions Providers Week program. Demonstrating solutions is made possible through interactive sessions, speaking engagements, branding opportunities, and matchmaking.

 Michael Samuel

Customer Service Director

The Retail Summit 2025 offers a unique opportunity for companies to boost growth, build relationships, stay informed about the latest developments in the industry, and be a part of the future of retail and CPG. By participating in this event, companies can expect to gain valuable insights, make important connections, and return on the time and resources invested in the conference.

"Join us in making the Retail Summit 2025 a truly exceptional experience and let's work together to drive positive change in the industry!"

How we can Cooperate Together

 Contributing to Content Development

Does your company offer great tools and solutions that are worth discussing at the conference?

  • You can benefit from suggesting specific content that fits into the program of the Retail Summit 2025 and supports both your company and the interests of our participants.
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 Supporting Speaker Selection

Does your company have great clients with cases worth presenting at the conference?

  • You can benefit from suggesting specific speakers and cases that fits into the program of the Retail Summit 2025 and supports both your company and the interests of our participants.
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 Connecting to the 3000+ participants

Would you like to know what's going on in retail, catch up on your existing relationships and make new business contacts in a business-friendly environment?

  • You can benefit from registering as a participant in the event and benefit from using the structures and tools that have been set up for networking.
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 Presenting your business

Do you want to do more than just attend the conference and do you want to showcase your business and the great tools and / or solutions you have available for your customers?

  • You can benefit from partnering with Retail Summit 2025 by taking advantage of a variety of branding opportunities (including possibly holding a presentation) and gaining access to expanded matchmaking opportunities with attendees.
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Read here about our Partner Philosophy

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 Key Facts: Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2025

  • Event Overview: The 16th edition will be held on April 15-16, 2025, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Warsaw.
  • Prestigious Integrations: Building on the success of 2024, we continue integrating the European Circular Retail Congress and the Poland & CEE eRetail Congress, drawing a diverse audience from retail, consumer goods, and FMCG sectors.
  • High-Level Participation: The summit attracts over 3,000 participants, the majority of whom are top decision-makers, making it the largest retail event in the CEE region.
  • Record-Breaking 2024 Edition: The 2024 summit, held on April 9-10, gathered more than 3,200 participants and featured over 400 speakers and panelists. Explore the vibrant atmosphere and memorable moments in our photo collection on the post-conference website.
  • Extensive Networking Opportunities: The 2025 edition will feature 10 themed stages and the prestigious Retailer of the Year awards ceremony on April 15, 2025.
  • Exclusive Networking Dinners: Engage with industry leaders through over 25 pre-conference networking dinners across the CEE region, fostering valuable connections and discussions.
  • Club of 369: Join the heart of the summit, Club of 369, which promotes innovation and leadership among retail professionals, providing exclusive networking and strategic insights.
  • Award Ceremonies: Celebrate excellence with the Retailer of the Year and Sustainability Awards, recognizing outstanding performance and visionary sustainable initiatives in retail.
  • Early Engagement: Within the first month post-2024 event, over 1,000 participants have already registered for the 2025 edition, with more than 200 expressing interest in advisory roles, highlighting the summit's pivotal role in the retail industry.

Poland & CEE Retail Summit

  • Main Stage
  • Supply Chain Stage
  • Techinvest Stage

CEE eRetail Congress

  • eRetail Technology Stage
  • eRetail Strategies & Data Management Stage
  • eRetail Logistics Stage
  • eRetail CX & Loyalty Stage

European Circular Retail Congress

  • ESG & Sustainability Main Stage
  • Sustainable Commerce Stage
  • Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations Stage



Who will participate in the conference ?


A breakdown of the first 1000 professionals who have registered for the conference

Udział wg specjalizacji zawodowej

Udział wg pełnionej funkcji

Udział wg reprezentowanego typu firm

Above is a breakdown of interest in the 3 conferences among the first 1,400 registered participants. On average, one person is interested in 2.4 conferences.

Above is a breakdown of interest in the stages among the first 1,400 registered participants. On average, one person is interested in 4.7 stages.


We are eagerly preparing for the long-awaited Retail Summit 2025, and as such, we have planned over 25 specialized dinners. These exclusive gatherings, taking place in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary, provide an excellent opportunity for partners to establish contacts and relationships long before the conference. By participating in these dinners, partners can forge significant connections and initiate collaboration opportunities that may further be discussed during the Retail Summit 2025. The intimate atmosphere provides a conducive environment for networking and cultivating valuable business relationships, ensuring fruitful experiences for all participants. To review the detailed dinner agenda, we invite you to visit the program section. For additional information on the dinner concept, please visit the Dinners2Connect website.




If you have great information that you would like to share, interesting suggestions for potential speakers and / or an interest to attend the conference as a participant, speaker or partner, please contact:

Program & Speakers

Partnership & Sponsoring

Conference Participation